Two svg import filters

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Tue Jan 5 04:14:06 PST 2016

Hi Armin,

Armin Le Grand píše v St 23. 12. 2015 v 10:04 +0100:

> > I would have thought the difference between "open" and "insert" was 
> > pretty clear (yes, I know there are plenty of clueless lusers out 
> > there). But it applies to pretty much ALL objects - if you "insert" 
> > then LO keeps the object unaltered, if you "open" then LO converts the 
> > object to a form that it can edit.
> That is a good argument to stay on that difference. But - when opening 
> and we have the possibility by doing this using the same filter as when 
> inserting - wouldn't it be better to use that and additionally 'break' 
> the SVG?

With my UX hat on, I wouldn't break it on load, it's OK enough when
there is a possibility to do so.  When not broken, I suspect the move /
resize etc. behaves more naturally (moves / resizes the entire picture).

> This would lead to the same 'open' behaviour, guarantee SVG looking the 
> same despite of insert/open, deliver better quality and reduce number of 
> filters to maintain to one.

I think the breaking (ie. loading the svg in a way it can be editable)
was the biggest concern blocking this...

So I guess if the fidelity (in the sense of shapes / gradients etc.) of
a svg loaded via svgio and broken into shapes is similar / same (or even
better) than the fidelity of svg loaded via filter/source/svg, I'd vote
for removing filter/source/svg ;-)  Can you please take this topic to
the ESC?

Thank you,

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