virus detection with GData

jan iversen jani at
Tue Jan 5 06:09:23 PST 2016

> the CVE-* files in the same directory are all encrypted with some dummy
> password, so that virus scanners don't complain about them.
> vcl/qa/cppunit/graphicfilter/data/README
> i've taken the liberty to encrypt these now on master with
> 18b0343010517daa1eaf52a17ef19564076e1f3a, so you should only get virus
> warnings when the tests are actually running (because the files will be
> written unencrypted to temporary files), which can be avoided with
> --disable-cve-tests.

Can I suggest we name files, that contain virus especially (like CVE-* and VIRUS-*) so that it is obvious that the file contains a "wanted" virus.

jan i.

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