EasuHacks spring cleanup

Bjoern Michaelsen bjoern.michaelsen at canonical.com
Tue Jan 26 05:53:29 PST 2016


So looking at the EasyHacks, I'd suggest the following actions:

- make the queries on:
  exclude easyHacks in state NEEDINFO

- update EasyHack docs to encourage mentees to set an issue to NEEDINFO, if it
  doesnt seem actionable to them

- check open easyHacks with Bug IDs < 40000:
  those were mostly the EasyHack I copied over from the wiki, thus I am the
  reporter although for most of them, I dont want to mentor them. Checking them
  should include:
  - since this one is open since before 2011-09, why isnt this solved? If its
    neither easy nor interesting but actionable, remove the easyHack tag.
  - otherwise is there a mentor explicitly named? -> if not, set them to NEEDINFO

- look at the 99 easyHacks with more than 10 comments:
  These have to be highly daunting to newcomers.
  Unless these are all commit notifications, either remove the easyHack tag, or:
  - open a new easyHack consolidating all the info from the back an forth in the comments
  - close the old easyHack with a link to the new one in "see also:"

The goal of all of this is to focus newcomers on our best EasyHacks, instead of
letting them wade though lots of rotten ones.

Lets discuss in the ESC call (or on this list, if you cant join), if any of
that is controversial.



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