Problem with increase maximum height of the footer

Bartosz Kosiorek gang65 at
Thu Jun 2 06:40:14 UTC 2016


I would like to implement, increasing maximum footnote height, to resolve

The footnote height could be set manually and with custom height.
Both are limited in theory by page height, but in practice there is some
magic number which limite footnote height

I found that most of the UI is implemented there:

But there is nothing about maximum value, except:
     lMaxHeight *= 8;
     lMaxHeight /= 10;

     // set maximum values

Unfortunately it is only changes maximum UI values which could be set via
Format->Page...->Footnote...->Maximum footnote height.
It it not changing a maximum height of footnote at all.

If Height is set to 0 (for automatic footnote height mode), then height is
set to LONG_MAX

    SetMaxFootnoteHeight( pPgDsc->GetFootnoteInfo().GetHeight() ?

                     pPgDsc->GetFootnoteInfo().GetHeight() : LONG_MAX );

Is that mean that the limitiation of footnote height is set by
LONG_MAX (SwTwips ) type ?

I would like to resolve that issue, but currently I have stuck.
Does anyone knows some more details about that?

Thanks in advance
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