GSoC Week 2: Redesigning the Template Manager

Akshay Deep akshaydeepiitr at
Mon Jun 6 18:07:22 UTC 2016

    I'm working with on the Template Manager as my GSoC project. The
feature is being implemented in master as well as in Libreoffice 5.2.
(Mentors: Samuel Mehrbrodt and Yousuf Philips )

Important tasks completed last week:
1. Template Selection dialog for Impress
       ( )
       ( )
2. Remove Presentation wizard from Impress
3. Default Template Handling Improvements
       ( )
       ( )
4. Improved keyboard navigation in template manager and start center
and a few other fixes. ( )

Blog: for keeping track of all ideas and changes.

TODO List:
Most of the tasks related to the project has been completed.

This week: I'll fix the remaining bugs for master and 5.2 and will look
into the details of integrating online templates by parsing JSON using
Orcus (5.3 only).

Akshay  ( IRC: Akki )
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