Save as pdf - should we embed the document?

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Thu Jun 9 14:06:29 UTC 2016


Wols Lists wrote
> I know developers love to add bells and whistles, and aiui when you 
> "save as pdf" from LO it can now embed the original document in the pdf 
> to make it easy to get the document back into editable form, but the 
> attached email below makes me think "is this wise?".
> ...
> makes me think that embedding an editable version in a pdf is not 
> (certainly as a default) a wise thing to do.

Sorry, but we do not save or print to PDF.  We export to PDF.  Please be
aware of the distinction (and that we can use other OS provided print to

The feature you refer to is known as a Hybrid PDF.  It started as an
OpenOffice extension but was integrated into LibreOffice core early in the
project. It is not enabled  by default during export to PDF, but can be set
as a persistent option for PDF export.

It simply extends the PDF container to attach the ODF archive of the
document.  Only LibreOffice is intended to extract the document from its ODF
container during import of  the PDF.  Apache OpenOffice may or may not open
recent LibreOffice HybridPDF.   Once embedded, the ODF archive is *not*
hidden inside the PDF archive, and other other programs may see it as an
attachement and could extract it.

A search of BZ with for strings "Hybrid PDF" should provide some context. 

As to security believe either  the ODF archive or the exported PDF can be
encrypted/password protected during save of the ODF and on export as a
Hybrid PDF.

As you note it is still a users responsibility to redact any content from
the document.


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