Save as pdf - should we embed the document?

toki toki.kantoor at
Thu Jun 9 16:16:20 UTC 2016

Anthony Youngman wrote on 08/06/2016 23:37:

>As I've learned from Groklaw.

Somebody still updates it with legal filings, roughly a week after they

> makes me think that embedding an editable version in a pdf is not (certainly as a default) a wise thing to do.

Embedding is not the default.
For LibreOffice, you have to check the box "Hybrid PDF".

Whether or not that should be the first listing in the sequence is a
slightly different issue.
FWIW, my order of preference would be:
* Archive PDF
* Tagged PDF;
* Create PDF;
* Hybrid PDF;

> I will add, I've never actually used the feature

This is one example of why the developers want use-cases, before
implementing a requested feature. To avoid unsafe/insecure behaviour,
especially as a default setting.

> killer feature in here - a setting that warns about hidden data and possible security leaks. 

">Tools >Options >Security >Security Options and Warnings >Security

I don't know if it would catch the type of error made by the Hospital
Trust.  A straight export to PDF would have negated that potential
Rephrasing, the issue was providing the data as a spreadsheet.

OTOH, another government regulation requires the data to be provided in
"an open, user-editable file format."  Fortunately, CSV is an acceptable
substitute for a spreadsheet.


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