svl::SharedString::getDataIgnoreCase() returns unexpected result

Eike Rathke erack at
Mon Jun 13 09:56:32 UTC 2016

Hi Winfried,

On Monday, 2016-06-13 11:29:49 +0200, Winfried Donkers wrote:

> > Likely aRefStr isn't interned, but only constructed from an OUString.
> I made a quick fix by using aRefStr.getString().equalsIgnoreAsciiCase( aStr.getString() ) instead.

Ugly ;-)

> That works, now SWITCH("C";"c";"OK") returns OK in Calc.
> I don't have branch 5.2, and I don't want to 'fix' master as I am very close to converting the function to a jump function (SWITCH works, IFS is next).

That's likely going to have the same problem though.

> What do you advise as quickest/best way to fix version 5.2?

I'll take a look what the original cause is. Do you have a failing


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