GSoC Weekly Report #3 - Table Styles

Jakub Trzebiatowski at
Mon Jun 13 17:30:04 UTC 2016

Dear Community,

This was the third week. This week I was working on:

- Added CellStyle family. This required me to create a container in 
SwDoc to
   store unassigned SwBoxFormats.
     + getByName, getElementNames, getCount
     + insertByName, replaceByName, removeByName

- Added odf import test for fdo47267.

- Working on odf table-template export. Set up the odfvalidator, officeotron
   Found that current Impress table-template export doesn't match OASIS 
ODF v1.2.
     + Sample export
     + Gerrit patch (work in progress)

- This week I had four exams, and very probably I passed all of them.
   If so I'll have just one more exam, in two weeks. So for now I'll 
focus on my

Plans for this week:
- Research how to implement and implement table:first-row-end-column,
   table:first-row-start-column, table:last-row-end-column,
- Finish table-template export.
- Research and work on import.

If you have any remarks and/or suggestions, please share.

Jakub Trzebiatowski, ubap

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