Pushing to LibO-5-2

jan iversen jani at documentfoundation.org
Sun Jun 19 07:07:33 UTC 2016


> As a new committer (thanks again for your confidence), I don't know yet all
> the rules and I prefer to ask before breaking something.
Asking is clearly better than breaking :-)

> As it is for 5-2 branch, do they require review from someone else than me,
> before they can be pushed? (commits were already reviewed for master by jan)
Our review rules are described here (and how to add a patch to a branch):
Your patches are fixes to a X-Y branch, so no further review required.

Letting the patch linger a couple of days in gerrit is not a demand, but gives others a chance to comment, therefore highly recommended.

Your patches has been lingering, so go ahead and do your first merge,

> Thanks for your help.
Thanks for your work.

jan i
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