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Wed Jun 22 20:00:18 UTC 2016

Hi Noel,

	Had a quick read of:

	Looks rather good to me - all the instances which you highlight as
'dodgy' look really odd to me even in the pre-existing code ;-) deleting
items that still have private pointers lurking around in child
containers is ... ;-) 'interesting'.

	"delete pFoo->LetMePokeInYourInnards()"

	is a curious use of pFoo ;-)

	What do you think of the attached to fix that ? (not compile tested
sadly - but hopefully squashes nicely and achieves what we want ?

	Would love to have some of that automated UI testing stuff implemented
at this stage - but absent that, if it works with some manual testing -
it'd be good to get in I think; while an impressive change - it's far
smaller and less disruptive than the original VclPtr stuff I think =)



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