Error building Visual Studio 2013 project file for LibreOffice on Windows

slacka lukebenes at
Wed Jun 22 16:29:36 UTC 2016

Ashod Nakashian-2 wrote
> I haven't tried a different version of make as Juergen suggests, but I
> confirm that the issue has to do with the fact that make doesn't generate
> the invariant data that the python script excepts. Specifically, all the #
> lines that contain the paths and filenames are missing from the output,
> hence the python script's failure to generate proper project/solution
> files.

About a year ago, I setup my build environment with Lode and I had no issues
with building a VS2013  project file. Recently I had to reset my Windows 10
install. With a clean install windows and Lode, now I'm getting the 
"make[1]: *** [cmd] Error 127" when I try to make a project file. 

Is Lode pulling a new version of make that's causing this error? Has anyone
come up with a work-around?

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