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Le 22/06/2016 à 17:38, Adam Saunders a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I'm in the midst of writing a news article about the Collabora Online
> 1.0 release. I had a couple questions for you:
> 1. (a) It appears that the 1.0 release is missing a number of features
> that could be found in vanilla LibreOffice binaries (e.g. a number of
> functions for spreadsheets, "track changes" style editing in the
> document editor, spellchecking, etc.). How come?

I think it's useful to say, also, that this product is not accessible.
It means that in an organization which chooses it, any disable worker
won't be able to use it. See bug reports about it:

It makes me worry for future. While LO would be used instead of Office
365, it would be a big problem. As well as today LibreOffice instead of
Office, now we reach to get something, it's broken again with online

> (b) Is the only spreadsheet function available in 1.0 SUM? I wasn't able
> to find any other shortcuts for functions in the spreadsheet editor.
> (c) Is the real-time editing preview in CODE available in the 1.0 demo?
> I wasn't able to find it...
> 2. Are there plans to reintroduce these features in future releases?
> 3. What distinguishes Collabora Online from competitors such as Open365
> ( or OnlyOffice (
> 4. What is the target "market" for Collabora Online? Primarily business
> enterprises/non-profits/government agencies?
> 5. What "value-added" services could I get as, say, a corporation
> contracting with Collabora to get enhancements and/or support for
> Collabora Online?
> Thanks very much for any answers you can provide. It's an interesting
> project!
> Thanks,
> Adam Saunders
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