[GSoC] Review of Sidebar & It's functionality - Weekly Report #5

Susobhan Ghosh susobhang70 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 12:10:11 UTC 2016


Another week of GSoC is now over, and this is what I've done over the past

1. Writer Page Tab: All panels have been merged to master (including Styles
Panel which was under review), and is no longer in experimental status.
'None' Margin Preset was added to the Format Panel. Everyone is encouraged
to test it out and report bugs if any.

2. Added Bitmap Import functionality to the Area Content Panel (merged) -

3. Working on Shapes Deck. Discussion over the layout of the new Shapes Tab
was going on, so no code committed as of now.


1. Finish up the Basic Shapes content panel, in Shapes Deck.
2. Clear out the layout details for the 'more' panel in Shapes Deck, and
start working on it.

Susobhan Ghosh
IRC: susobhang70
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