A toolbar option that makes it easier to type using unicode

Samiur Rahman samiur11 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 23:20:49 UTC 2016

There is the need for an "unicode editor" to be implemented in LiberOffice.

It will allow you to select a certain unicode range, such as a specific
language or script, and then choose from a number of fonts that support
that range, or give the opportunity to download or buy a font that supports
that range.

Liboffice apps can offer a choice between "type mode" and "unicode mode."

Libreoffice should come with all free unicode fonts.

There should be an option on the toolbar that asks you to select mode, and
you can select from "type" and "unicode."

After you've selected mode, there should be a box that asks you to select
an unicode range, and then another box should ask to select from an number
of unicode fonts.

The boxes should say "Select unicode range" and "Select unicode font."

Right now, there are countless unicode fonts but only Arial Unicode MS
that's publicly available. For users of different scripts and languages,
they need to install extra fonts. Putting in all free unicode fonts in the
package will make it easier to type in non-western european characters. You
don't need to buy extra fonts and have the ability to select from multiple
unicode fonts that support a certain range.

Users don't need to know which Unicode fonts that support their range. They
simply input their range of choice, and the software tells them the fonts
that they can use. The software itself should come with all free Unicod
fonts, and give the option of buying market ones.
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