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On Thu, Mar 3, 2016 at 3:47 AM, Mayank Gupta <techfreakworm at>

> Hi, I want to know how to setup environment to use libgdx modules in
> libreoffice. I have worked on physics engine on Unity3d which itself is an
> IDE. Since to create animations in libgdx, Gradle supports eclipse,
> IntellijIDEA,etc. Llibreoffice doesn't support any of them and there is no
> libgdx support for kdevelop or visual studio or qt creator.
> Is there a way to directly use the physics engine source without
> compromising the licensing rights in libreoffice project?
> Or any other way to use libgdx modules with an IDE that libreoffice
> project supports?
> Any help would be appreciated.
So there is no way around editing a few makefiles in an editor. The IDE
support in LibreOffice is not meant to edit the build system. It is only
there to make it easier after a full build to edit some of the files and do
a partial rebuild.

If you want to integrate a new library it normally involves: uploading the
source tarball to (you need to tell someone who
has access to gimli where to find the source tarball), editing
download.lst,, one of the config_*
files and creating a new directory with content in external/
There are a few additional steps depending on how the external library is
built and used inside of LibreOffice.

I hope that helps a bit.

Now I'm also a bit curios why you need a physics library inside of

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