alternatives to Firebird: sqlite

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Tue Mar 8 11:47:59 UTC 2016

A disruptive solution could be to abandon the "embedded"  idea and 
replace the current embedded engine by a new engine who use a 
spreadsheet file  as a "editable" storage who is protected for 
accidental editing.
Currently the use off a spreadsheet as database works fine en is fast 
enough for most small data sets. Just makes this system, editable.
For bigger data sets, users can and will use a database off  there own 
choice yo  been connected to LO.

On 8/03/2016 9:02, Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 08, 2016 at 09:59:18AM +1100, Chris Sherlock wrote:
>> Oh, and I’m not sure if this brings much to the table, but I wonder
>> if we can simulate joins. After all, to get a right join you just
>> swap tables, and you can actually simulate a full outer join with
>> just a combination of other joins.
> See the last part of
> "compatibility with other databases" was a reference to
> In short: yes, it can be done.
> All these issues add up, and in the end I summarise them as "It is
> probably possible to build a 'compliant' database on top of SQLite,
> but SQLite is not that by itself". That is, we can "use" SQLite as a
> (big) chunk of our embedded database engine, which we would DEVELOP
> OURSELVES, but it is not "take a database engine and embed it in
> LibreOffice". It is "develop our own database engine, using SQLite as
> a foundation that gets us many many percent of the way, but not the
> full way". If someone wants to do that, and commits to maintaining it,
> then fine. Glad to take patches / see it integrated. *If* it comes
> with a serious intent of maintaining it! Note that the ODBC driver
> basically does that. So yeah, doable. Can be redone. Maybe we could
> even embed the ODBC driver in some way. I have some uncertainties
> around this, because I think that ODBC drivers "need" a driver manager
> (that's what the Microsoft documentations say somewhere), but I never
> really understood completely why, and some FLOSS ODBC drivers *are*
> meant (by their author) to be able to be used without driver manager,
> I think.
> See also
> What SQLite does it not necessarily bad, it is *different*. Dynamic
> typing has its uses and its advantages. Just as NoSQL. But it makes
> them a "bad fit" for a framework centred around the "classic" / usual
> strong-type SQL.

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