Interested in contributing to LibreOffice under GSoC'16

Varun Dhall Varun.Dhall at
Wed Mar 9 19:17:38 UTC 2016

Hello Everyone,

I am Varun Dhall 3rd year Computer Science and Engineering undergradute from India.

I have successfully contributed to LibreOffice in Google Summer of Code 2015 :D and I am really happy that last year I got Michael Stahl and Bjoern Michaelsen as my cool mentors ;)

Even after GSoC timeline I have contributed to LO and I am still working under my mentor Michael Stahl on writer especially on the testing area.
Here is the link to my contributions pushed to master

I love LibreOffice community and the way things go around here. I really look forward to work for LibreOffice under GSoC'16. I am well aware of the LO code base, especially of writer (most of the famous classes and methods) and I am looking forward to work on "More and Better Tests" for GSoC'16 :)

I hope I will spend another exciting summer as last year. Hacking into LibreOffice making the code base better by removing bugs via new and better unit tests and increasing the test coverage for core files.

Varun Dhall

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