Interested in contributing to LibreOffice GSoC 2016

Dipankar Niranjan dipankar1995 at
Thu Mar 10 05:00:47 UTC 2016

Hello Everyone,

I am Dipankar Niranjan, a sophomore student studying Computer Science and
Engineering at IIIT - H in India.
I'm interested in the idea "Template Manager"  for GSoC 2016.
I do hope that no one has expressed interest in this idea as of now, as I'm
really interested in contributing to this. :D
As of now, I couldn't see any specific person assigned to this idea as a
The mentor was specified as UX Team.
May I please know with whom I have to get in touch to discuss this idea
I would like to get in touch with him and discuss ideas and possibilities
as this project has huge scope and the current implementation leaves much
to be desired.

Here is a list of patches that have been merged with master:

I look forward to hearing from you.
IRC Nick : mostly `dip7777`    :D
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