alternatives to Firebird: sqlite [was: Firebird doesn't support MSVC 2015]

toki toki.kantoor at
Fri Mar 11 01:53:17 UTC 2016

On 10/03/2016 11:37, Wols Lists wrote:

> And it would be nice to include an "easy to use" database with LO.

a) Doesn't LibO still include the db3 compatible database engine?  If
so, that can be used;

b) I understand the dislike of SQLite, but for non-database programmers,
for most purposes, it is fine.

> Why do most people use Excel instead of Access? Because Access is too hard!

They use Excel, either because nobody showed them how to use Access, or,
more commonly, because Access was not part of their office suite.

> And this design is tried and tested and 40 years old

But can you write it so that it looks like a bright shiny new bauble?


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