Interested in LibreOffice's GSoC '16 Program

Steven Guo steventimothyguo at
Fri Mar 11 04:47:00 UTC 2016


My name is Steven Guo and I'm currently a second year studying computer
science and engineering at UCLA. I'm usually around on IRC as 'stguo'.

I've recently taken an interest in open source software and I'm hoping I'll
have the opportunity to work with LibreOffice this summer. In particular,
I'm interested in the project of converting the OutputDevice class to use a
pimpl idiom/compilation firewall and its extensions.

A list of my patches that have been merged is below:

I am currently stuck in the middle of finals season, but do plan on
contributing more involved patches as soon as school work clears up.

Thanks for being such a welcoming community!
Steven Guo
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