Interested in LibreOffice GSoC 2016

Mohamed Thabet thabetx at
Mon Mar 14 19:43:36 UTC 2016

Hello everyone

I'm Mohamed Thabet, a 3rd year student at Ain Shams University, Computers
and Systems Engineering, Egypt, I want to join the GSoC program, I'm
interested in enhancing the special characters dialogue.

I care about improving the usability of LibreOffice, I have read the design
docs and I'm excited about what could be done in terms of user experience,

I have been exploring the code and I have submitted my first patch for this

This is my page on gerrit

And this my github profile

Right now I'm trying to understand the code regarding the special
characters dialogue.

Kindly give me advice on how to proceed in working on this idea and what to
focus on in the proposal.

Mohamed Thabet.
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