Interested in Gsoc 2016

Jaskaran Singh jvsg1303 at
Tue Mar 15 02:34:05 UTC 2016

Hello Everyone ,
My name is Jaskaran and I am a 2nd year Electronics Engineering Student
from New Delhi. I am interested in the project "Support ODF styles through
Orcus" .

I have worked for a similar hobby project named  "Pysports". It is a Sport
Scorecard application which fetches xml file from the server , parses xml
data and displays Periodic Sports notification direct to the bubble
notification area of the linux desktop.

At the Time of writing this mail I had submitting 9 patches out of which 6
were merged and 3 pending to be reviewed. Here is a link to my patches.

I am in touch with the project mentor regarding the Gsoc Project.

Email :-   jvsg1303 at
IRC    :-   jvsg
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