Jenkins coverage (Android and clang plugins)

Miklos Vajna vmiklos at
Fri May 20 13:03:46 UTC 2016

Hi Norbert,

In the recent past you mentioned that the Jenkins coverage is planned to
be extended, so there would be 6 build configurations covered (new ones
would be product Linux, dbgutil OS X and dbgutil Windows).

I would like to bring up two more platform ideas:

- building for Android (on Linux, product build, dbgutil would not bring
  much benefit)
- building with the clang plugins enabled (on Linux, the OS X one is not
  capable for running the plugins; dbgutil, product would not bring much

In both cases currently problems specific to these build configurations
are currently not caught by Jenkins, so if they hit master, we have to
fix them after the fact. It's possible to live with these, but breaking
both configurations happy relatively frequently -- probably because
setting up both of them requires a bit of time.

(In case setting up any of them is a problem from the "how to do it"
point of view, I'm happy to help.)

IMHO these two would be even more important than the previously
mentioned 3 new planned configurations, but in case there is enough
build power to have all of them, that would be even better. :-)

Of course, if other developers have different opinions, please speak up.

Thanks for considering,

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