100.000 registred (and majority solved) bugs

jan iversen jani at documentfoundation.org
Wed May 25 05:59:12 UTC 2016


We passed a golden number yesterday.

Bug 100.000 was registred in Bugzilla. The lucky "winner" was Cor Nouws.

A vibrant Bugzilla is one of the best indications, that LibreOffice is used and not just downloaded all over the world.

Please remark, all products have bugs, so getting bugs reported only shows the product is being used, in all different corner cases, and as long as the number of open bugs does not grow identically this is a good life sign.

For the last 6 month (my period of observation), we have kept pace and even reduced the number of open bugs. A lot of the patches come from contributors (yet to be committers), and even though they tend to solve the easy ones, it still tells a story.

Have fun out there.

Jan Iversen
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