Crash reporting for TDF builds

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Sun May 29 23:36:15 UTC 2016

Markus Mohrhard wrote:
> so I managed to land the crash reporting that I presented during my FOSDEM
> talk finally in time for the 5.2 release.
Hey Moggi,

so first off - this is just awesome. Thanks a whole bloody lot!

> The idea is that you can add important information as key value pairs and
> they will be available together with the crash report on the server. Some
> information that area already part of the minidump are the OS, the CPU, the
> loaded modules. Keep in mind that you should only collect the information
> that are really necessary.
> Some information that we might want to select in the future:
> OpenCL info if OpenCL is use
> did we crash inside of our OpenGL code
> loaded extensions
This indeed all sounds quite useful. Just a very quiet, cautionary
word of warning: I would sleep a bit better if we could all agree on a
four eyes principle (i.e. mandatory reviews) for anything that adds
new information to the crash report. It's sometimes not immediately
obvious, but e.g. extension & path names, font sets etc (and who knows
what else we'll come up with) can reveal quite intimate information
about an installation environment.

For the record, the feature & crash dumps as it is look perfectly

And again, thanks so much. This is a great addition to LibreOffice, I
used to use the Sun-internal crash reporter that unforunately went
down with that company, and it was invaluable.


-- Thorsten
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