[GSoC] Review of Sidebar & It's functionality - Weekly Report #1

Susobhan Ghosh susobhang70 at gmail.com
Mon May 30 07:25:26 UTC 2016

The first week of GSoC is up and I'll summarize what I've done so far, and
what I'm planning to do next:

   1. Slide Background Panel for Impress - Panel has been merged to master.
   - Added listener for events (slide ch
      ange event)
      - ​F​
       update sync for master slides
      - ​F​ixed
       paper orientation sync in panel.

      2. ​
   Writer Page Tab (Deck) - Marked as Experimental, Currently a stub -
   Merged to master.​
   - ​​
      Made it compile first, from last year's unfinished patch.
      - Changed pageformatpanel.ui and pagemarginpanel.ui files for Margin
      and Format Panels.
      - Developed Page Format and Margin Panels - patches up for review on
      - Working on column count in Styles Panel, and header and footer
      controls for Footer and Header panel.


   1. Finish up on the remaining 3 panels - Styles Panel, Header Panel and
   Footer Panel.
   2. Design changes to the Writer Page Tab w.r.t. to the improvements
   suggested on the bug report (#83830).


Susobhan Ghosh
IRC: susobhang70
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