/usr/lib/libnss3.so: version `NSS_3.19.1' not found

Wols Lists antlists at youngman.org.uk
Tue May 31 15:34:33 UTC 2016

On 30/05/16 20:11, Anthonys Lists wrote:
> Just remember, a reboot WILL clear out /tmp with this setup, so your
> build environment will not persist across reboots. Even without a tmpfs,
> the distro will probably clear out /tmp on boot or shutdown.

Just struck me today - if you DON'T want all this stuff to disappear on
a reboot, investigate an overlayfs. I *think* what you do is put an
overlay on eg ~/loffice, and it will store everything in ram/swap until
you actively flush it.

So you can do your build and everything with all the files staying
local, and when you're done you just just flush the final results back
over nfs to your home dir.

Note I have NOT used overlays myself, so unless someone else chimes in
you're on your own investigating it :-)


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