Re: Björn Balazs license statement

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Tue Nov 1 19:35:48 UTC 2016

On 01/11/16 19:19, Jan Iversen wrote:
>> Piling in really late, I know, but forcing people to use a licence
>> they're not keen on isn't really a good idea.
> Just a fast input, during the last year where I have been keeping an eye on licenses, we have not had a single real problem. 
> We have had a couple of people needing clarification, and a couple (I only remember one) who did not want to use his name.
> So why change a working system and create potential confusion.
Because giving orders to volunteers isn't actually a very good idea?

Sorry, but I'm probably not unique in getting upset when told to do
something "just because". Trying to meet others half-way is always a
good idea.


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