vclplug_gtk3 and vclplug_gtk

meilin lgh710681042 at
Tue Nov 15 14:07:48 UTC 2016

Hi, i have a question about the difference between and

now i describe the phenomenon of the problem.
first, i start soffice --impress, then i open a ppt file, i find a gif
picture is not transparent, and some useless animotion effect.
and then i remove , restart soffice --impress , and
open a same ppt file , i find the gif picture is transparent, and animotion
is effective.
so , i guess there are some problem in

i run libreoffice in linux x64, and gtk3.0 version is 3.18.8.
if anyone who know the reason of the question , please tell me ,thank you!
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