Firebird 3 by default [was: minutes of ESC call ...]

Bunth Tamás btomi96 at
Fri Nov 25 14:34:51 UTC 2016

>>                     + still not hyper-excited about it as default. (Lionel)
>>                     + agreed, build issues on OS/X until recently (Norbert)
>>                 => suggest to enable this on master for 5.4
>> AI:                 + ask Tamás Bunth (Wastack) how he feels about it (Lionel)
> Tamás, how do you feel about this? Do you agree with me/us that we
> shouldn't but Firebird 3 as the default embedded database for
> LibreOffice 5.3 yet? Shall we make the "big jump" right now in the
> current 5.4 alpha (master branch), which would be a plan that it will
> be ready (including enough time for beta-testers and fixing the bugs
> they find and report) in 6 months? Feel up to it?

I agree, it would be reasonable to wait a half year. Until that we can
fix the already found and the upcoming bugs, solve the backward
incompatibility. Even if those can be solved quickly we can upgrade to
the c++ API.
That won't be boring, and we can come up with a much clearer driver
which works like a charm.
Though I have no experiences in when should "big jumps" like that happen.


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