Lode Build Problem

Jason Marshall j_k_marshall_2004 at live.com
Sun Nov 27 20:49:18 UTC 2016

Dear Norbert/ Jan

Having followed your advice, the setup of the dev build environment has now succeeded. Hopefully the build should proceed with similar success.

Thanks again.


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and I'm pretty sure that confused the heck out of git to have spaces there

I can confirm that there are several problems having spaces in the directory, which is why we write
"A couple of warning, based on experience from earlier installations:

  *   Do not use a network drive, it will not work. There can also be problems with some older USB drives
  *   Do not use names longer than 8 char
  *   Only use a-z and 0-9 in the name, NO spaces or other special characters"

on the lode page:


jan I.

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