Fwd: [Libreoffice-qa] Fwd: QA Meeting @ Brno Libreoffice Conference. Wed 19.00-20.00(UTC+2)

Xisco FaulĂ­ xiscofauli at libreoffice.org
Thu Sep 8 13:30:40 UTC 2016


Below you can find some notes I took of the main topics we talked 
yesterday during the QA meeting, which eventually lasted from 19.30 to 

Attendees: Aaron, Beluga, Robinson, Zdenek, Cor, Timur, Yousuf ( 
hangouts), Xisco

* Rework GetInvolved page ( 
https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/GetInvolved ):
	- Focus on newcomers
	- Keep it as simple as possible ( easy-to-follow steps )
	- Explain just 2 actions:
		-- How to confirm bugs
	 	-- How to retest old bugs (untouched for more than a year)

* Add a new status 'TRIAGE':
	- Set when a 'NEW' bug meets the following conditions:
		-- Checked it isn't duplicated
		-- Checked whether it is a regression
		-- Tested in at least two different OSs
		-- Priority and Severity have been set

	- The barrier shouldn't be too high otherwise it could discourage 
people to do it
	- A notification should be sent when a bug has been changed from 'NEW' 
to 'TRIAGE' to verify the criteria has been met

the idea behind it would be that newcomers could focus on confirming 
bugs and QA contributors on triaging those confirmed bugs. However, 
newcomers should be able to triage bugs as well, as we want to avoid 
setting limitations for newcomers.

* Send a welcoming email to newcomers:
	- Showing gratitude for their work
	- Add link to the wiki
	- Add link to IRC
	- it shouldn't be sent to everyone (be a bit selective)

* Send a polite ping to old QA contributors who have been inactive for a 
	- Check who is active nowadays ( useful to check current's QA team 
status too )
	- Check who did some great work in the past and send it to them
	- Do it recursive over time in order to keep contributors in the 
             -- A small questionnaire could help us to know if there was 
any specific reason why they left us.

* Social Networks:
	- Use reddit to recruit new contributors ( Done once by Beluga with 
positive results )
	- Use reddit as a channel where end-users can report bugs
		-- a Banner could be added to our bugzilla's mainpage
		-- it could be done in youtube too. Example: http://ubuntuonair.com/

* Visibility of QA members
	- Create a list where QA member are listed
		-- Sorted alphabetically ( it's not a competition )
	- Add QA numbers to the release notes
	- Add QA numbers to under the hood

* Moztrap
	- Could be improved. Sample: 

* Bibisect Repositories
	- Bibisect-5.1max and Bibisect-5.2max for linux on their way
	- Mac and Windows repositories created recursively in gerrit
		-- Could be interesting to have them for linux too, specially for 
bibisect master.

* Bugzilla Voting System
	- Probably it would be better to have a bug heat system where other 
parameters would count as well.
		-- Probably not possible in bugzilla
		-- Number of subscribers might help here. it's worth a try.

I think I've mentioned all the main topics we covered yesterday. 
However, I may have forgotten something, so feel free to extend this 
email if  it's needed.


On 07.09.2016 10:50, Xisco FaulĂ­ wrote:
> Hi all,
> taking into account that some of us are present at Brno Libreoffice
> Conference this week, we're going to have a face-to-face QA meeting
> from 19.00 to 20.00 UTC+2 at the Red Hat Offices while the hackfest
> session is taking place.
> Therefore, I invite everybody present at the Libreoffice Conference to
> join the meeting as we would like to hear anything you have to say
> with regards to QA.
> On the other hand,  we would also like to try something Gabriel
> proposed yesterday. Basically, we would like to offer the possibility
> for non-QA/non-developer people to report bugs in person, mainly
> thinking of FOSDEM and the incoming Libreoffice Conferences, so we can
> also show them how doing QA looks like at the same time. We plan to do
> a public announcement in the social networks during the course of the
> day and it's going to take place today from 20.00 to 22.00 to see
> whether someone is showing up or not.
> I'll keep you updated.
> Regards
> Xisco
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