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slacka lukebenes at
Mon Sep 12 21:08:23 UTC 2016

Speaking of wiki build instructions, the IDE instructions for Windows have
not worked for almost a year now.
Both the  IDE instructions
and  Windows Instructions
say to build with  build with "--enable-debug" and then "make
vs2013-ide-integration".  This results in the following error:

cd E:/core && (LC_MESSAGES=C E:/lode/opt/bin/make
cmd="E:/cygwin/home/Hearthstone/lode/opt/bin/make -npf Makefile.gbuild all"
cmd || true) | E:/core/bin/gbuild-to-ide --ide vs2013

make[1]: *** [cmd] Error 127

According this thread
, You need an old version of make. 

Could someone please verify these instructions, and put them on the wiki
with a *working* download location? None of the versions of make that I was
able to find work with the script in that thread. 

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