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Jan Iversen jani at documentfoundation.org
Tue Sep 20 09:02:53 UTC 2016

> The point of changing the word to 'needsEasyHackValidation' is to limit its use to only easyhacks. 'needsDevEval' is too general and could be use in order cases where we don't want contributors to use it.
Well you reach out to the same group of people, to do the same thing….provide advice, like code pointers, implementation advice, etc.

I still do no see the difference of “needsDevEval” on a non-easyHack to “needsDevEval” on a easy hack.

It seems with the proposed solution I can end up with keywords=“easyHack,needsDevEval,needsEasyHackValidation” for a bug where the following info is needed
- code pointer (needsEasyHackValidation)
- How to best implement it (needsDevEval)

Seems a but over the top, considering that most likely the same developer will provide both.

> Same here. According to the wiki, 'needAdvice' is meant to used for unconfirmed bugs which need help from a developer in order to get confirmed. Thus, using 'needsConfirmationAdvice' we limit its use to just that, avoiding contributors to use it somewhere else.

Well you could use “needsDevEval” since it again is asking the same people for the same information.

jan I

Ps. I am all for changing “status=NEEDINFO,keyword=easyHack”, but I prefer not to make things more complicated than they already are.

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