cannot find ODBC

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Tue Apr 4 11:16:16 UTC 2017

On 01.04.2017 08:49, Nathaniel Brooks wrote:
> Upon running on a new pull of master, I am unable to run make.
> It states:
>       checking which odbc headers to use... external
>       checking for sqlext.h.... no
>       configure: error: odbc not found. install odbc
> I know ODBC the program as a whole is installed since it is a core
> WIndows component. I was wandering if this is a PATH variable issue with
> not being able to find the ODBC headers.  I don't believe ODBC requires
> any variable and it may have been caused by something I did to Visual
> Studio when installing an optional feature (ex: SQL tools, web
> development tools, etc.).  Obviously I can go through and uninstall
> Visual Studio and/or reset Windows, but I would like to know if there is
> a specific cause to this or if there is an autogen.input option for
> this.  Watch it be something trivial I am overlooking.

i don't remember anybody having such a problem, and it's impossible to
guess what the problem is.

please take a look at config.log and post the part of it that contains
the failing check, perhaps that will give some clue.

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