Cppcheck reports: email notifications

Maarten Hoes hoes.maarten at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 13:10:42 UTC 2017


I noticed that the weekly scheduled 'cppcheck report update' email
notification of the March 26 run dint appear on this (dev) mailing list.
Upon investigation it turns out that the job ran correctly, but that the
email message was held (Your message to LibreOffice awaits moderator
approval) until the moderator approves the message, even though the sender
is a member of the mailing list. The reason given for the hold up is "The
message headers matched a filter rule".

I was wondering if this is something that would need some looking into
(perhaps the messages are incorrectly listed as 'spam' ? or something else
entirely), or that this was done on purpose because the email notifications
are not wanted any longer ? If the messages are indeed unwanted, I could
make the required modifications (if so desired) to the script so that
'success' messages are no longer send, only 'failure' messages that require
investigation (as to why the job failed).

- Maarten
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