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Chris Sherlock chris.sherlock79 at
Thu Apr 27 22:36:19 UTC 2017

Hi all,

As I'm researching my book on the guts of LibreOffice, I notice that tools predates the SAL. In fact it's a bit of a hodge-lodge of files, many of which look like they should probably migrated into other modules.

I cleaned up ErrorHandler, but I thought I'd ask about the other headers here:

- b3dtrans.hxx - I'm assuming the b3d bit means basegfx 3D transformations. I've submitted to move it into basegfx but unfortunately it's failing o Windows and I don't currently have a working system to determine why the linker is erroring out.

- bigint.hxx and fract.hxx - seems to be more appropriate to the sal module, possibly the RTL? Great to get thoughts of others on this one

- color.hxx and colordata.hxx - should that migrate to basegfx also?

- gen.hxx - includes Pair (shouldn't that be deprecated to std::pair?), Point, Size, Range, Selection and Rectangle
- poly.hxx - polygons
- line.hxx - lines

gen.hxx, lines.hxx and poly.hxx all are drawing primitives, wouldn't these be better off in basegfx?

- config.hxx - where would this go? I was thinking the RTL, but it also seems like something the VLC might do...

- contr.hxx - seems better suited in the svx module...

- cpuid.hxx - checks for SSE2 support, surely something for the SAL?

- time.hxx, date.hxx, datetime.hxx and datetimeutils.hxx - these all seem to be better suited to the SAL, and actually should we consider moving to chrono?

- debug.hxx and diagnose_ex.hxx - seems more suited to the RTL...

-extendApplicationEnvironment - seems to be a candidate for the OSL...

- fldunit.hxx and fontenum.hxx - both seems to be more appropriate in the VCL

There are quite a few headers, but as you can see most look to be more appropriately moved to another module. This would help streamline our module dependencies...



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