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> On 28 Apr 2017, at 7:07 pm, Eike Rathke <erack at> wrote:
> Hi Chris,
>> On Friday, 2017-04-28 08:36:19 +1000, Chris Sherlock wrote:
>> - time.hxx, date.hxx, datetime.hxx and datetimeutils.hxx - these all seem to be better suited to the SAL, and actually should we consider moving to chrono?
> chrono is not a replacement as it doesn't offer the functionality of
> tools::Date and DateTime, only for Time.
> I don't care in which module the source code lives or what implements
> it, but I definitely want to keep the existing functionality.
> Problem with moving anything to sal is that we then guarantee stable API
> and even ABI to some degree as sal is part of the SDK, or have LibO only
> interfaces like with OUString.
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That's a fair point :-) 

I believe there is a proposal to include Howard Hinnant's very comprehensive calendaring and Timezone library into the C++ standard:

Nice things about this is that the app dusting library can process the tz database, and a number of other interesting things besides:

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