GSoC Weekly Report 9 & 10: LibreOffice for Android: Gautam Prajapati

Gautam Prajapati gautamprajapati06 at
Sun Aug 13 06:20:58 UTC 2017

*Week 9: *I continued my work on supporting NSS on LibreOffice Android.

I failed to solve the top-level make failure, later with the inputs from
Miklos I got to know that the top-level make success wasn't possible cause
I was trying to tweak the x86_64 build to produce a host(arm) .so files. I
submitted a final patch for review which solved the module level nss build.

Rest of the week was spent in improving the code quality in the patch based
on Miklos' suggestions.

*Week 10: *I was able to build NSS on my system successfully with the patch
but mentors were still facing a failure. So, I set up a Virtual Machine
with OpenSUSE to reproduce the failure. Towards the end of the week, I was
able to identify some additional environment variables which were there in
my system but not in others causing the build to fail.
Planning to work on it and submit a patch by today.

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