Agenda for the design/UX meeting 2017-Dec-13

Heiko Tietze tietze.heiko at
Wed Dec 13 20:11:52 UTC 2017

Present: (Csongor), Jay, Thomas, Heiko

 * Show the Preview in dialogs left or right of the content
   + +1 for the request as we started this at other dialogs (Heiko)
   + shrink from left instead of right (Csongor)
   => full agreement to move the preview to the right as on most other dialogs

 * Removal of x to close the sidebar deck
   + requires to change the HIG
   => full agreement to keep the current state because of consistency, it's 
      described in the HIG, and there is no alternative function to keep the 
      tabbar open

 * Hard English string & UI freezeWeek 51 , Dec 18, 2017 - Dec 24, 2017
   + bullet list style names => AI Jay
   + Input from Stuart & Adolfo needed on
   + Customization 
     => will handle it (Jay)

 + New gradients
   + proposals attached to the ticket
   + would be nice to have more input from community and do the full cleanup during 6.1 cycle (Jay)
   => no objection to go ahead

 * Ultra-contextual toolbar
   + introduce as a new toolbar variant, or notebookbar, or extension
   + would hate it (Csongor)
   + do not include as classic toolbar neither as notebookbar
   => extension? sounds good

 * Improve internal file picker or just accept this as a workaround
   + Improvement idea:
   + Meta ticket:
     + 20 issues and requests
   + flag as obsolete with 6.0 and remove with 6.2 when Qt5 is done (Heiko)
   + some webprotocols are not-that-well-supported in native dialogs (cloph)
   + adds consistency over OS'es (Thomas)
   + Maxim's comment on the dialog -
     (kde4 and VCL gen)
   + if functionality can be replaced we should do that
   => to the ESC with the proposal

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