floating windows docking issue

Maxim Monastirsky momonasmon at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 15:06:00 UTC 2017

Hi Jan-Marek,

> Interesting approach to handle non-modal dialog grouping in a unified
> way. Would we want to do something like this, so we don't have
> duplicate
> dialog + panel (like the navigator), or is this considered a feature,
> that you can have multiple instances?
I don't think it's a feature. Ideally we would like to be able to
undock individual sidebar decks, see tdf#85905.

> I'm not sure there is much C'n'P here, as the approach is different.
Not sure what you mean by "the approach is different", but even with
different approaches wouldn't it make sense to keep just one approach,
instead of maintaining two?

Anyway, DockingManager clearly started as a copy-paste from
DockingWindow. You can compare the ImplDockFloatWin and
ImplDockFloatWin2 classes, or methods like
DockingWindow::SetFloatingMode vs
ImplDockingWindowWrapper::SetFloatingMode. And a comment above the
ImplDockingWindowWrapper declaration clearly says that
"ImplDockingWindowWrapper obsoletes the DockingWindow class. It is
better because it can make a "normal window" dockable. All
DockingWindows should be converted the new class."


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