An error when compiling sd module

张文豪 zealoft1115 at
Thu Dec 14 13:19:59 UTC 2017

I have finished the entire build on macOS. And when I tried to compile the
sd module with Qt Creator, error below occurred:

<command line>:15: expanded from here

#define SDUI_DLL_NAME libsduilo.dylib


/Users/zhangwenhao/lode/dev/core/sd/source/ui/dlg/sdabstdlg.cxx:45: error:
use of undeclared identifier 'libsduilo'

    static const OUString sLibName(SDUI_DLL_NAME);


However, I can find the file "libsduilo.dylib" in Contents/MacOS/Frameworks
I will be so grateful if someone can help out about this problem.
Thank you very much.
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