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Sat Dec 30 07:50:37 UTC 2017

try the -r flag which is for prelinking. you can see that in the .mk file

And of course a debug version contains tons of symbols in order for the
debugger to be able to do its work.

> iOS has allowed dylibs since iOS 8 and the introduction of Swift. In fact
> you can't produce a static lib with Swift, only a dylib.
> For our Pdfium wrapper we produce a static lib out of the Pdfium code
> itself, and link that in a framework project with the swift wrappers, to
> produce a dylib which is a swift module that can be imported into an app.
> Beside the linking benefits this then gives you a nice encapsulated library
> that is easy to consume from swift.
that was my first attempt but the apple developers said no, will try to
scan through the doc again.

> If I have time over the next couple of days I'll have a go at creating a
> framework to see if it does actually behave as I expect.
or a lot easier simply change the .mk to build a .dylib instead of the .a
thr .o file within both should be identical.

jan i

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