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Fri Jan 6 19:38:29 UTC 2017

Hi Moritz,

On Wednesday, 2017-01-04 12:30:51 +0000, Moritz Staudinger wrote:

> I was able to clone the Project and the online version of it, but when i run the make check command on , the sfx2_complex Unit Test fail. Can I fix this easily?

You didn't say what fails nor what platform you're on..

As a side note, github might work and usually is in sync, but I'd
recommend to pull from git:// or
git:// instead.

> Furthermore I would like to set the Menu to another language, is there a way to do this? I tried
> ./ --without-help --with-lang=ALL , but when I start Office it is still English.

The default UI language is selected according to your system settings,
or if for that no match is found then a fallback to English. Maybe you
need to explicitly select an UI language under

Second, --with-lang=ALL can be quite some overhead to build for all
languages. Recommendable is a selective list, e.g. if you want a German
UI then --with-lang=de which still builds an en-US UI as well.


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