How to retrieve a backtrace when there's no stack (case tdf#105182)

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Tue Jan 10 12:27:43 UTC 2017

Hi julien2412,

On Sunday, 2017-01-08 15:12:44 -0700, julien2412 wrote:

> I wanted to give a try to tdf#105182 but the popup error seems to prevent
> from having a stacktrace.
> Is it possible to disable manually this popup mechanism?
> Indeed, in the quoted bugtracker, we know there's something with a vector
> but don't know which file or which method.

Blindly assuming that the popup is somehow related to an exception
thrown, you could try in gdb

catch throw

or if that doesn't work maybe

break __cxa_throw

before executing the failing code path. Enable only immediately before,
as various exceptions can be thrown for legitimate reasons and are
caught as well so you could hit the breakpoint several times without the
context you're actually interested in.


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