how to operate gb_macro(solenv/gbuild)

jaeseok jdjsk at
Wed Jan 11 10:49:34 UTC 2017

> I want to create a function that automatically completes the screen 
it is wrong sentence. 

I want to create a new kind of functionality. 

And like your mention, not hexadecimal but binary. I was writing wrong.
And also not managing but generation and using.

I know that .res files are created when LO is built. so I wonder the
location that generating source code. In formula/,
they only decide referencing source and generation path along the language.
And decide folder name. Is it wrong? 

So I think two things.
first, I misunderstood how gb_macro works. so this question title is how to
operate gb_macro(solenv/gbuild).
second, other code exist that core_resource.src convert to foren-US.res. so
I addtional question.

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