how to operate gb_macro(solenv/gbuild)

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Wed Jan 11 10:00:57 UTC 2017

> I want to create a function that automatically completes the screen

what is "the screen" ?

> if there
> is the same letter as the data of the data pool stored in advance while
> inputting characters on the screen.

Anyway, this sounds like you want to add some actual new kind of
functionality to LibreOffice.

> In this case, we want to keep the data
> storage method in hexadecimal format when managing the file containing the
> data.

You seem to have become completely confused and obsessed by this
"hexadecimal" idea. Probably you are misunderstanding something.
Resource files are binary, there is nothing "hexadecimal" with them.
(Except that, of course, any file can be displayed as hexadecimal,
because any 8-bit byte can be displayed as two hexadecimal numbers.)
Or are you just saying "hexadecimal" when you simply mean "binary"
(not text)?

> I saw that the formula module was managing the data in hexadecimal
> (foren.res),

No. Nothing is "managing data" in .res files. .res files are created
when LibreOffice is built, and then only read at run-time. I wouldn't
call that "managing data".

Just forget the hexadecimal aspect and resource files for now, and
work on adding the actual functionality you want, in the C++ source
code. Translating any new strings to Korean (and other languages) will
come later.


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