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We are recently switched from AOO to LO. In the release notes a possible removal of ActiveX is announced.
You are asking for information about the use case so here we are:

We are using in our company a selfmade ERP system which is grown for more than 15 years now. For historical reasons the system is written in Delphi. At the beginning MS Office was used as "office frontend", since about 10 years OOo/AOO/LO. The main workflow is using calc for business calculation and writer as a kind of report tool. Most information from the main database is delivered via ActiveX to calc. After working in calc the information are read back and used to create documents in writer. The complete project and document management (and many more) is done by our ERP.

I know there are others and probably more elegant ways and about once a year we are discussing to change that and finding the "big solution" - but this is a huge and expensive project.

Just wanted to mention two (now discontinued) projects that aimed to provide alternative ActiveX MS Office-compatible APIs for AutomateIT! ( and UniOffice (, They are open-source, and may be of some interest if someone wants to take the code and improve/maintain it. In Russia, there were a number of working solutions based on them, so they are at least working starting point.

Removing ActiveX from LO will be a showstopper and nail us to the last supported release - or bring us back to AOO, who knows.

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