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David Ostrovsky d.ostrovsky at gmx.de
Fri Jan 27 06:07:17 UTC 2017

On Thu Jan 26 15:49:52 UTC 2017, Michael Meeks wrote:

>* Gerrit feedback for David (Michael)
>    + going to the gerrit conf. on our behalf.


>    + annoying behavior – automatic lost of comments when not logged
in (Miklos)
>        + if reply needs re-login, comment is lost.

Yes. This is very annoying. I think the problem still exists even on
master. What could help, is increasing the session expiration timeout
in gerrit configuration:

cache.web_sessions.maxAge 1 week

(default is 12 hours)

And also increase the cache size limit:

cache.web_sessions.memoryLimit 4096

(default is 1024)


>    + love a queue that auto-merged when CI succeeds (Michael)

The missing bits for that feature were finalized and merged during
recent Gerrit hackathon and will be included in the upcoming release
2.14. ETA is June 2017.


>    + one button migration of github pull requests ? (Bjoern)

There is a plugin for that: guthub-plugin from Luca Milanesio. I looked
into it years ago and it was very impressive, one button click and PR
was imported into gerrit as change for review.


I have another topic, updating our gerrit instance to 2.13.5,
from 2.11.8. There are a lot of improvements. For example submodule
subscriptions seems to work very reliably, so you never need to update
the reference to submodule again manually, after it was updated. Gerrit
does it for you, e.g. this commit upstream:


It would be also cool, if you could look into new and shiny gerrit UI,
based on JavaScript Polymer framework, and provide feedback. You can
see the new UI in action upstream by switching in footer to new UI.
Only change screen is implemented for now. All diffs on one page is
already implemented:


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